Product News:
Announcing Podium v3.4

New cataloging module and intelligent rules engine expand the power of Podium to help data consumers find, understand, and use analytics-ready data.


Below please find highlights of the new release. If you would like to learn more about Podium or find out how you can get access to Podium v3.4, please contact us here or reach out to your Podium Customer Success manager.

new catalog module makes it easier for users to find data they are interested in. In the new module, data entities are presented as tiles that show key information for each data set including operational, quality, and popularity scores. Users can search and apply filters to narrow down their view to a subset of tiles, and then click to learn more about particular data entity before putting them in a shopping cart for subsequent use.  Learn more about Podium's Smart Data Catalog.

We have also added a new intelligent rules engine, based on the Drools business rules management system. This new capability combines a rules engine with Podium's rich profiling data describing each data element to automatically identify, flag, and take action of potentially high-value insights as new data is onboarded into Podium or prepared by Podium users. Learn more about Podium's intelligent data detection.

We have redesigned Podium Source wizard to make it easier for users to onboard new data into Podium's Smart Data Catalog. By combining separate wizards for each source type into a single consistent process flow, this new wizard simplifies and speeds up data onboarding. Learn more about how Podium's Source Module. 

Podium can now onboard data in a JSON format, including flat files and Kafka queues, and turn it into queryable tables. This new JSON onboarding support automatically converts complex hierarchical structures into a relational format accessible by SQL or any BI tool. Lean more about how Podium onboards data.

We have improved Podium's metadata import to simplify integration between Podium and other tools such as enterprise data catalogs. Now Podium's metadata import process includes custom fields at the Source, Entity, and Field level. Learn more about how Podium uses metadata.

Podium had added recommendations to the Prepare module, making it easier for users to build data preparation jobs. Intelligent tips offer suggestions that help the user to construct correct and efficient Prepare data flows. This includes common usage patterns, design tips, and performance tips. These tips are generated by analyzing the properties, relationships and profile statistics of the entities used in a data flow using the Drools rule engine. Learn more about how Podium prepares data.

Podium's data archiving process has been redesigned to provide improved performance during the archiving process and to eliminate contention between the ingestion and the archiving process.

Podium now supports Oracle as Podium's Metadata Store. Now users can use either Oracle 12c or Postgres as the underlying data store for Podium metadata.

We have improved Podium's user interface with the expanded use of color to give users a more pleasant and consistent user experience.

We thank you for your interest in Podium and look forward to using our expertise, technology, and reach to bring even more innovative, impactful solutions to you in the years to come. 


Barbara_Petrocelli-Podium-DataBarbara Petrocelli
Marketing Director
Podium Data, A Qlik Company

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