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Preparing Enterprise Data
for Migration to the Cloud

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Cloud platforms offer compelling advantages to data delivery teams looking to bring more agility and simplicity to their enterprise data preparation and delivery process. But before scaling up data migration efforts from on-prem to the cloud, there are several key topics teams should consider, including:

  • What data do you want to put in the cloud and what should stay on-premises?

  • Where will you prepare the data for consumption by users — before or after you move it to the cloud?

  • How will you organize data in the cloud so people can find, understand, and access the data they need? This is particularly important since S3 or Hadoop by themselves do not address this issue.

  • How will you identify and secure sensitive data?

  • What is your plan to control users' access to specific data assets, especially as the volume of users and data grows?

In this webinar, Podium Data's CTO Bob Vecchione talks through the key topics data delivery teams should consider as they prepare enterprise data for migration to the cloud. 

Bob_Vecchione-Podium-Data_800x800Bob is recognized as an industry leader in the design, architecture and implementation of large-scale data systems. His more than two decades of experience includes working for Prime Computer, Thinking Machines, Strategic Technologies & Systems, Knowledge Stream Partners, as an independent data systems architect and now, Podium Data. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from University of Massachusetts at Lowell.