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Beyond The Data Lake:
The Rise of Managed Self-Service and the Data Marketplace

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The idea of the data lake was alluring; the means to having data at your fingertips, filtered, profiled, secure and business-ready for data consumers to rapidly derive higher-levels of business value. However, this widely adopted concept didn’t come with an instruction manual. The past few years have been turbulent times for enterprise data and analytics.
This 451 Research report look beyond the lake, discussing the combination of self-service data preparation and data management and governance as one; a truly functional data marketplace or “data bazaar.”
In addition, it touches upon other key enablers fueling the adoption of the self-service marketplace, including:
  • Data as a service
  • Smart data ingestion – validation/profiling
  • Smart data cataloging/search
  • Data governance
  • Machine-learning-driven recommendations
  • Data collaboration