Data Lake Best Practices 

Building the Enterprise Ready Data Lake:
What it Takes To Do It Right.

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This interactive discussion explores in detail what it takes to make a data lake that is truly enterprise ready. Looking at the entire data lake process, Bob Vecchione, Podium Data's CTO, looks at enterprise readiness in terms of data ingestion, profiling and validation as well as data preparation and delivery.

Since data lakes are build by teams and accessed by large groups of business users, this webinar addresses some of the complexity and control issues associated with managing expanding and changing sets of data files in HDFS. Other topics include enterprise scale data governance, security, and metadata management and the integration of the data lake with other systems in the overall enterprise application and data architecture.

About the Presenter
Bob Vecchione is Podium Data's CTO and co-founder.Bob Vecchione is the co-founder and chief technologist at big data analytics software provider Podium Data. Bob is recognized as an industry leader in the design, architecture and implementation of large-scale data systems. His more than two decades of experience includes working for Prime Computer, Thinking Machines, Strategic Technologies & Systems, Knowledge Stream Partners, as an independent data systems architect and now, Podium Data.