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Early Adopter Research Report:
Drowning in Data but Not Value?

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From Data Lake to Data Marketplace.
To get value from all the data you have and all the data that is coming in, both now and in the future, a new concept is needed that incorporates what has been learned from data warehouses and data lakes and also transcends them by adding crucial new capabilities. We call this new concept a data marketplace.

Businesses can only benefit from all their data if they have a data systems, architectures, and tools in place to track it, transform it, let people know it exists, and then deliver it when and where needed.

Dan WoodsDan Woods is CEO of Evolved Media & Chief Analyst of Early Adopter Research. Dan creates ideas about technology products, based on a broad technical understanding. By writing as an analyst in Forbes and working with Evolved Media's clients, he sees the magic in technology and why it matters to IT buyers.