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Is Sensitive Data in Your Data Lake Secure?

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Ask yourself:

  • What PII data is in your data lake today and is it secured?
  • Can you identify and protect new PII data as it arrives?
  • What’s your risk today and how are you reducing that risk? 

In this webinar, Podium Data’s CTO, Bob Vecchione, shares best practice approaches to securing PII data in a data lake. The discussion focuses on how metadata and pattern matching in the lake can be combined to build automated enterprise-scale PII detection and protection.   

About the Speaker:

Bob_Vecchione-Podium-Data.jpgBob Vecchione is the co-founder and CTO at Podium Data. As a recognized industry leader in the design, architecture and implementation of large-scale data systems, Bob's 20+ years experience includes leadership roles at Thinking Machines, Strategic Technologies & Systems, and Knowledge Stream Partners.