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Introducing the Cloud Optimized Data Lake

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What’s the best place to host a data lake – on prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model?

What are the security, performance, and cost tradeoffs of choosing one approach over another?

And how can today’s platforming decision de-risk the company’s overall cloud migration strategy?

In this live discussion, Bob Vecchione discusses pros and cons of various cloud, on prem and hybrid data lake deployment models. He will also provide detailed information and a live demo of Podium’s new cloud optimized data lake platform. This new capability supports cloud, on-prem, and hybrid deployment; supports easy migration over time, and includes automatic, cost and performance optimized use of AWS’ EMR capabilities.

About the Presenter

Bob_VecchioneBob Vecchione
Chief Technology Officer, Podium Data
As Podium's technology and product visionary, Bob works to customers, partners and industry leaders to identify and shape the future roadmap of Podium's solutions. Bob begin his career at Prime Computers, before joining the parallel computing pioneer, Thinking Machines, where he lead Systems Integration, Development to Field Services teams. Over 3 decades Bob has build enterprise scale data management and analytic solutions for many large enterprises including Travelers, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Staples, and Bank of America.