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Introducing the Podium Data Conductor

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Until now, data lakes were synonymous with managing data in Hadoop. Not any more.

Podium’s data conductor expands the data universe, allowing data lake teams to manage, discover, and access all data on any platform – not just Hadoop – within an enterprise.

In this live discussion, John Felahi demonstrates the data conductor in action integrating a wide frontier of data into an enterprise scale data lake. In a modern spin on the traditional federated data view, John outlines the various use cases for flexible data management which the Podium data conductor now enables.

About the Presenter

John_FelahiJohn Felahi
VP Product, Podium Data
John is a product management, development, and strategy executive whose unique expertise enables him to analyze consumer preferences and needs, anticipate trends, and develop market-leading products and solutions. In previous roles, he served as Chief Strategy Officer at Content Analyst Company, Principal Product Planner at Microsoft, and VP Product Management and VP Applied Innovation at Fast Search & Transfer. John holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from Boston College.