The Rise of the Data Marketplace


What if your business users could get their own data as quickly and easily as shopping on That is the data marketplace, the next generation of big data ready enteprise data management.

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Eckerson logo.pngImagine the power and impact of shopper-like services for analysts seeking data. Finding the right data quickly is essential in the age of self-service analytics. With ever-increasing numbers of people who analyze data, many of today’s business and data analysts depend on tribal knowledge and word-of- mouth to find the data that they need. They spend too much time finding data, evaluating data, and recreating datasets that already exist. Enterprise Data Marketplaces (EDMs) change all of this, enabling data seekers to find datasets, evaluate fit for purpose, read reviews of others who have used the data, immediately access data, and prepare it for use. 

Join David Wells, Sr. Research Consultant at Eckerson Group, and Paul Barth, CEO of Podium Data, as they explore the benefits of data marketplaces. Building on the findings explored in The Rise of the Data Marketplace, this webinar will examine the need for change, discuss how data marketplaces have revolutionized the ways businesses interact with data, and talk about what the future of data looks like.

About the Presenters

Paul_Barth-Podium-Data.jpgPaul Barth
CEO, Podium Data
Dr. Paul Barth is founder and CEO of Podium Data, creator of the industry-leading Podium big data management platform. He has spent decades developing advanced data and analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies, and is a recognized thought-leader on business-driven data strategies and best practices. Prior to founding Podium Data, Paul co-founded NewVantage Partners, a boutique consultancy advising C-level executives at leading banking, investment, and insurance firms. In his roles at Schlumberger, Thinking Machines, Epsilon, Tessera, and iXL, Dr. Barth led the discovery and development of parallel processing and machine learning technologies to dramatically accelerate and simplify data management and analytics. Paul holds a PhD in computer science from the MIT, and an MS from Yale University.

Dave_Wells2.jpgDave Wells
Sr. Research Consultant, Eckerson Group
Dave Wells is an advisory consultant, educator, and research analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business impact. He works at the intersection of information and business, driving value through analytics, business intelligence, and innovation. More than forty years of information management experience combined with over ten years of business management create a unique perspective about the connections among business, information, data, and technology.